Peer Review for Artists

VALA Art Center
7303 164th Ave NE
Redmond, WA 98052


Peer Review for Artists
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Peer Review for Artists

Stuck? Floundering? Something missing in that last artwork you made? You are not alone!! Spend an evening with other artists and examine, assess, and evaluate your artwork. Come away with ideas to put into practice with your next work. It is a known fact that we are the most critical evaluator of our own artwork, so you are one step ahead just by showing up.

Discussion leader Sandra Baker is an artist, art historian, VALA Eastside Board member, and VALA Volunteer. You're in good hands! - Bring 1 or 2 pieces of your art (finished or unfinished) - Discuss value, composition, color, and other elements that make a masterpiece. - Individual review: what you like about the work, what do you find frustrating and what have you learned?

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