Driving Directions


Director: Pat Haines-Ainsworth

Martin and Etta Sue are a poor and childless peasant couple living beside the tower of a witch named Miranda. As the years go by the couple makes an unfortunate bargain with Miranda when they think it may be their last chance to have a baby. Miranda will raise the little girl as her own in the isolated tower. As Rapunzel grows, her only contact with the world outside is through her “Witch-mother” who gains access to the tower by climbing Rapunzel’s magnificent golden braids. One day a passing Prince hears Rapunzel’s song and climbs her braids himself. After several of these secret visits, they fall in love. When Miranda learns of this, she cuts off Rapunzel’s golden hair and casts her out. When the Prince returns, the Witch has taken Rapunzel’s place, and the Prince is blinded in his escape. Wandering the countryside, they meet and Rapunzel’s tears fall into her Prince’s eyes, restoring his sight. She is reunited with her real parents and all live happily ever after.

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