Snow White & the Seven Dwarves

SecondStory Repertory
16587 NE 74th St.
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Snow White & the Seven Dwarves
Snow White & the Seven Dwarves
Driving Directions

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Book & Lyrics by Stan Gill Music by Cindy Wright The classic tale of a young princess driven to the woods by her jealous stepmother. She finds a home with seven kindly dwarves, but the wicked queen will not rest until Snow White is no longer her rival. She tries to kill Snow White by sending her Huntsman, but the Huntsman cannot bear to hurt the little princess. She spies and sneaks, and eventually tricks the girl into eating a poisoned apple that puts her into a deep sleep, broken only by true love's kiss. In the meantime, the Huntsman searches far and wide, and finds a Prince to break the spell.

Tickets: $10.00 (all ages) Sunday Discount: $5.00 ages 1 to 3 and FREE for children under 1 

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