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Site Sponsors is made possible by funding from the City of Redmond's hotel-motel tax. Approved by the lodging Tax Advisory Committee, all funds generated from the hotel-motel tax is used to promote tourism activities in Redmond.

The Lodging Tax Advisory Committee consists of 7 members: the City Council member who chairs the committee, three hotel members and three hotel members and three members who are affiliated with groups that can benefit from the hotel-motel tax. The members are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council.

Lodging Tax Advisory Committee

  • Hank Myers Chair
    Redmond City Council Member
  • Dave Norwood General Manager
    Redmond Inn
  • Scott D. Scheriff General Manager
    HYATT house
  • Dan Angellar General Manager
    Marriott Redmond Town Center
  • Miguel Llanos Senior Vice President
    Redmond Historical Society
  • Chris Falco
    Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce
  • Sallye Soltner Marketing Director
    Redmond Town Center

More Information

For more information on the Lodging Tax Advisory Committee or tourism-related questions, please contact Karen Nolz at: or 425.556.2444.