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Experience Redmond, Washington

impAct Installation at VALA Art Center


(Disclaimer: This installation contains some mild to moderate profanity and material which parents may find unsuitable for young children.)

impAct artist collective began with no carefully crafted mission statement, just one BIG question: How do we, both as individual artists and as a collective, make an impact?

This installation presents a year of research, from our founding in summer 2016 to the present day. We don’t claim to have all the answers, we work from a place of “not knowing”, of inquiry, of mindful listening and looking. The work here reflects our own individual and collective experiences, and presents ways in which we as artists, have used our creative skills to drive positive change in our own communities, whether those communities are geographical, physical, online, or digital.

Featuring artwork and writing by:

Jacqueline Calladine
Jessica French
Marisa Mouton
Sherri Gamble

The work in this installation is diverse. As individuals, we all have unique areas of interest, knowledge and skill. As a collective, we are passionate about the role of arts in society beyond the “art for art’s sake” argument, which we believe can co-exist with social practice – it’s not either/or but rather and/with. We don’t shy away from the difficult topics of our time: mental health, intimate partner violence, climate change, police/public relations, social inequality – all are discussed in this installation, and our belief is that art can be a gateway to meaningful community discourse and action.

We would love to have a conversation with you about the impact of our work. Join us at one of the events that accompany this installation, or leave us a note on the impAct walls.



October – November 2017


VALA Art Center 
12pm- 6pm 
7525 166th Ave NE, Redmond, WA (in Redmond Town Center)

This exhibition explores elements of motion by featuring dynamic kinetic art sculptures that demonstrate movement through one or a combination of technologies including mechanical design, human interaction, wind or solar power.

Featured artwork utilizes various elements of motion singularly or combined. Kinetic art transcends boundaries as an art form, integrating many creative disciplines such as sculpture, engineering, science, physics, and fabrication. In addition, various methods of motion are often combined, resulting in dynamic compositions that encourage viewers’ curiosity and engagement. This cross-platform approach to the creation of kinetic art encourages innovation and problem solving that can apply to many other fields including math, science, environmental design and alternative energy.

Local and regional artists were selected by a juried panel.

Sculptures in Motion: Exploring Kinetic Art features works-of-art created by:

Matthew Dockrey
Nolan Dost
Steven Jendro
Naveen Khan
Ashwini Sedekar


Generously sponsored by City of Redmond’s 2017 Arts Season Grant.


Events & Programs

Engineering and Kinetic Art Sculpture Workshop with LEGO®
Saturday, October 21
10:30am – 12:00pm
Ages: 5-11; Grades: K to 5
Location: Redmond Regional Library
Click for More Info/Register

Mechanics of Motions Workshop
Saturday, October 28
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Ages: 13-17; Grades 9-12
Maximum 12 students
Location: VALA Art Center in Redmond Town Center
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Mechanics of Motion – Move the Potato! Juried Student Competition
Saturday, November 11
1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
An event tied to what the student sculptors create at the Oct. 28th workshop.


Sponsored by

City of Redmond’s 2017 Arts Season Grant

Additional Support Provided By


June 8 – July 30, 2017

Innovative game art by local artists and designers will be featured in this exhibition, sponsored in part by 4Culture Tech Specific grant, that provides a behind the scenes look at the creative process, with a special focus on diverse artwork, narratives and indie games. Local game designers and game artists will participate in workshops and discussions throughout the show.

Opening Reception
Friday, June 9, 2017
6pm – 8 pm
VALA Art Center located in Redmond Town Center
Sponsored by the Calladine Family

Installation Sponsored by



An Exhibition of Perspectives, Personality, and Passion
March 2016

What do teens of today think about? What affects our youth so profoundly as to have life-changing impacts which alter the way they live out their lives? Come and see the perspectives of eight diverse personalities, each a passionate student-artist exploring her thoughts and memories.


Artists’ Reception
Friday, March 4th
VALA Art Center & Studios located in Redmond Town Center
Light food and drinks served
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Featuring artwork created by the following student artists

Maggie Leist created a series of 5 mix media canvases about adventure and the aspirations that come with challenging oneself inwardly

Maddie Mott created an eclectic series of painted canvases of various animals emitting personalities of their own

Sara Hastings created a series of 4 mix media works about Alzheimer’s and the struggle of the beauty of the person and the disease

Sarah Ethington has a strong interest in child psychology and created a quadriptych of the seasons of emotional damage of being left out

Emma Petrin created a series of 4 wooden canvases portraying elements of the body and revealing raw emotion

Yujin Yang created a series of geometric painted pieces and corresponding sculptures the explore the idea of complex simplicity

Lauren Chang created a series of drawings that tell the personal journey of this student (who got critical sick several years ago) loss her sight and ability to see color, and the moments when she regained her sight and color abilities back

Junchen Zhou created a series of 5 paintings that explore the role and emotions of femininity

VALA Art Center
A 100% volunteer-run art center
Redmond Town Center
7330 164th Ave NE  (Next to Z Gallerie)
Open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-5pm

VALA Eastside invites Redmond residents to the artists’ reception and other free, public events for “[R]evolution”, a multifaceted art installation featuring five local artists/activists. The five female artists– Rebecca DeVere, Latha Sambamurti, Gwen Maxwell Williams, Eva Moon, and Laura Lee Bennett–have all made strides to advocate for both art and artists.

VALA is honored and grateful to have these women in the Redmond community to guide journeys of artistic discovery for the layperson and for the expert, for the creator of art and for the receiver of art. “[R]evolution began as the Women in Art show—nine times out of ten, it is women artists who come to VALA, find their voices reinvent themselves as artists, and connect to a space that allows them to showcase their work. As the idea for the show evolved, we started to see a common thread woven into their work: They have all been advocates within the Redmond community,” says VALA Co-Founder and Executive Director Jessica Lambert.

“[R]evolution” is curated by Jessica Lambert and Tamar Alsberg with portraits of each artist created by Savvy Dani. The installation runs through January 2016.

Honoring the Revolutionaries in Art in Our Community :: Artists’ Reception
Thursday, December 10th
6pm – 8pm
FREE ($5 suggested donation)
Poets will speak, artists will walk the catwalk! Join us in celebrating 5 women artist revolutionaries that have been activating our local community from Redmond throughout the Puget Sound, with their art and art activism. Appetizers and wine to be served.
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Friday, January 15th
Art Talk & Wine Night

Join Vicki Todd in talking art and the revolutionary in all of us!
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Saturday, January 16th
Revolutionary Artist to Revolutionary Artist
Guest revolutionary artist and academic Vicki Todd, PhD, discusses her process and how we all can capture that revolutionary within!

Friday, January 22nd
Live Performances
Poets Laura Lee Bennett, Chi Chi Stewart, and Elizabeth Carroll Hayden will read from I Am Not Cursed, a retelling of the Demeter myth in three voices. Eva Moon will read excerpts from First You Jump – a surreal and darkly comic musical, which premiered in January 2015.

Saturday, January 23rd
5:30pm – 7:30pm
Join Revolutionary Artist/Activist Latha Sambamurti in her production of Indian dance and music – this is her second such production at VALA Art Center and Studios! Bringing culture from the other side of the world to ours, Latha’s productions are renowned throughout the state!

For more information, please visit