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March 01, 2016

An Exhibition of Perspectives, Personality, and Passion
March 2016

What do teens of today think about? What affects our youth so profoundly as to have life-changing impacts which alter the way they live out their lives? Come and see the perspectives of eight diverse personalities, each a passionate student-artist exploring her thoughts and memories.


Artists’ Reception
Friday, March 4th
VALA Art Center & Studios located in Redmond Town Center
Light food and drinks served
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Featuring artwork created by the following student artists

Maggie Leist created a series of 5 mix media canvases about adventure and the aspirations that come with challenging oneself inwardly

Maddie Mott created an eclectic series of painted canvases of various animals emitting personalities of their own

Sara Hastings created a series of 4 mix media works about Alzheimer’s and the struggle of the beauty of the person and the disease

Sarah Ethington has a strong interest in child psychology and created a quadriptych of the seasons of emotional damage of being left out

Emma Petrin created a series of 4 wooden canvases portraying elements of the body and revealing raw emotion

Yujin Yang created a series of geometric painted pieces and corresponding sculptures the explore the idea of complex simplicity

Lauren Chang created a series of drawings that tell the personal journey of this student (who got critical sick several years ago) loss her sight and ability to see color, and the moments when she regained her sight and color abilities back

Junchen Zhou created a series of 5 paintings that explore the role and emotions of femininity

VALA Art Center
A 100% volunteer-run art center
Redmond Town Center
7330 164th Ave NE  (Next to Z Gallerie)
Open Wednesday-Sunday 11am-5pm