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Geeking Out on Takeout

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Geeking Out on Takeout

June 08, 2020

As the days get longer, and the sun shows its shining face, we’re all feeling ready to get out & geek out in Redmond. While this may not be your typical summer, there are still fresh flavors to taste, and new adventures to experience, all outside the confines of your home. This June, we invite you to geek out on takeout!

Start your day with some exercise (try bicycling or running!) by making your way to Redmond Town Center where you’ll find Kitanda Acai & Espresso. This family-owned and operated business has been bringing delicious organic products to the community for years. Make it a perfect start to your day with a cup of their Brazilian coffee. Or cool off from your workout with one of their refreshing smoothies or Acai Bowls. Currently, Kitanda is offering a take out option ideal for that quick grab-and-go, keeping you on the move!

Once you’ve had a cup of caffeine or your fill of fresh fruit, we encourage you to visit Mac & Mabel and start upgrading your home environment. In fact, this specialty store is currently running a sale, so you can buy today and take home later. 

By now you’ve most likely built up an appetite all over again. From Redmond Town Center head north on 164th Ave. NE, then turn left on Redmond Way. One block later, on NE Leary Way, you’ll find Redmond’s Bar and Grill (RBG). Right now, RBG is perfect for takeout orders and curbside pickup. Take your takeout to across the street to Redmond’s Downtown Park, and enjoy your meal with mother nature.

As the day turns into evening, and your sweet tooth kicks in, you’ll find the perfect ice cream dessert back at Redmond Town Center by visiting the classic Cold Stone Creamery. Our personal preference is the Peanut Butter Cup Perfection, but we encourage you to find your own favorite flavor.

Finally, it’s time to head home or back to your Redmond hotel. Perhaps you’re planning on streaming a movie, or playing a board game. You just might need a late-night snack to stay nourished through your evening entertainment. Nothing screams “summer nights with friends and family” like some high-quality bonding time with a takeout pizza! If you haven’t already tried Romio’s, we highly recommend this delicious pie. You’ll fall in love with their unique dishes; featuring just the right amount of the freshest ingredients, all made from scratch. The perfect ending to a special summer day, only in Redmond!