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Experience Redmond, Washington
Experience Redmond, Washington

Downtown Park

Downtown Park

16101 Redmond Way

Activities: Meetings, Biking, Running, Walking

Redmond Downtown Park is a memorable and extraordinary gathering place where art and park are indistinguishable. It is a destination for creative energy and exploration. Every great city has a signature place that serves as a destination, an icon for the city, and a catalyst for economic growth. The Downtown Park is Redmond’s signature park, and creates a place for community members to gather and celebrate. It is a vibrant community space that encourages special events, arts, music and fun. The enhanced pedestrian environment in and around the park stimulates economic activity in the neighborhood.

The park site is located between Redmond Way and Cleveland Street, and is bordered by 161st Ave NE on the west, and the Stone House Restaurant on the east.

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