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Experience Redmond, Washington
Experience Redmond, Washington

Arts Without Barriers (Live Music)

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May 27

5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Arts Without Barriers (Live Music)

Redmond Town Center
7525 166th Ave NE
Redmond, Washington 98052

Arts Without Barriers is a celebration of free, live performances by Eastside artists at Eastside locations. Redmond Town Center will have music every Thursday from 5-7 PM through the first week of June! Adhering to all Covid safety measures, we are not encouraging mass gatherings, but offering a little joy, a little song, and a little life after a long, cold, and quiet pandemic Winter.

On Thursday, May 27th, we have the dynamic duo of Roz and Lady A.

Roz originally out of Kansas City is an established Vocalist, Songwriter, Videographer and band leader who performs her own songs with an infectious charm and personalized lyric.  She fully embodies her slogan, “Feel the heart, hear the soul.”  Her melodies are timeless and speak to all ages.  Once you experience Roz live, you know she belongs on stage.  Join a musical sojourn with her as she takes you on her musical journey!

Lady A, the Pacific NW, National recording artist, from Seattle, Washington, has been performing as Vocalist, Producer, Songwriter and Storyteller nationally and internationally professionally established. Her style of Blues is inspirational and gives hope in her lyrics to all who listen. A host DJ on two local radio shows, band leader and mentor for Blues in the Schools / Rhapsody project she has truly earned her name as “The Hardest Workin Woman in Blues, Soul, Funk & Gospel.”

Together this duo brings Pop, Soul, Blues and mixes it up like a spicy jambalaya you can’t wait to taste and is always best served HOT!

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