Life Line Screening - Experience Redmond
Experience Redmond, Washington
Experience Redmond, Washington

Life Line Screening

Oct 31

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Life Line Screening

Happy Valley Grange
19720 NE 50th ST
Redmond, WA 98053

Life Line Screening is the world’s leading provider of preventive health screenings.

The screenings offer a 5 test package to thoroughly check you for risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions. The combination of these test help detect problems – before you have symptoms and while your doctor can still take action.. So you can keep doing the things you love.

Many events also offer blood tests, including cholesterol, glucose and C-Reactive protein screenings, as well as take-home colon cancer early detection tests.
Screening packages start at $149. Single tests cost around $70.