Sleep and Stress and Cognitive Health - Experience Redmond
Experience Redmond, Washington
Experience Redmond, Washington

Sleep and Stress and Cognitive Health

May 16

6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Sleep and Stress and Cognitive Health

Redmond Library
15990 NE 85th Street
Redmond, WA 98052

Presented by Emese Tuza Crumb, Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach with certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Discover what holistic health is and how our lifestyle affects our health later in life.

In this class you will learn:
· What is the circadian rhythm and why is it important
· Why do we sleep?
· What happens while we sleep?
· How much sleep do you need?
· Sleep Deprivation and its effects
· A word about sleeping pills
· What wakes us up and keeps us up?
· What can we do to sleep better and longer?
· Stress and its effects on the body
· Techniques to reduce stress
· Resources for supplements and stress relief

Registration proffered (via link above) but not required.