Small Business Owners Networking Event - Experience Redmond
Experience Redmond, Washington
Experience Redmond, Washington

Small Business Owners Networking Event

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Mar 23

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Small Business Owners Networking Event

Postdoc Brewing
17625 NE 65th St, Ste 100
Redmond, Washington 98052

Come join the local small business owners for a night of networking!

Let’s all get together and see how we can help support each other’s businesses! Every business owner is invited regardless of how big or small you see yourself. We are all like-minded people who work very hard to create something of our own and help other people. Whether you have been in business for 15 years or you are just starting out, we can all benefit from getting to know more people.

We will have the space reserved from 6PM-8PM on Wednesday night, Postdoc has a different food truck there every night if you want to get food. They have beer on tap as well as ciders. Feel free to get a beverage while we mingle but they also have soft drinks if you are not a drinker.

Please feel free to bring your business partner, spouse, friends, family, etc. All are welcome!