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Experience Redmond, Washington

Agave Cocina and Cantina

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Agave Cocina and Cantina

17158 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052

p: (425) 881-8252

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Agave Cocina and Cantina

Agave Restaurants serve contemporary hand-crafted Mexican food, using fresh, natural ingredients, free of preservatives, trans fats and lard. Sustainable, free-range, hormone-free chicken, pork and beef are menus staples; we also use organic vegetables, eggs, rice and beans.

We feature 100+ hand-picked sipping tequilas and our founder/owner Julian Ramos is considered an expert in the field of tequila. Julian was born and raised in San Cayetano, near Guadalajara (Jalisco) Mexico, which is near the town of Tequila.




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