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Experience Redmond, Washington

Dong Ting Chun

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Dong Ting Chun

7425 166th Ave NE c230
Redmond, WA 98052

p: (425) 882-7311

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Dong Ting Chun

Take out & delivery available

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We are the Dong Ting Chun group. Our first Dong Ting Chun Restaurant opened in San Gabriel, California in 2006, as one of the pioneering Chinese restaurants in the U.S featuring authentic food from the renowned Hunan province. Following that we opened restaurants in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley. All of our restaurants have achieved the same success.

Hunan cuisine is the hot (and spicy) new entry to the area’s Chinese restaurant scene, with Dong Ting Chun proving to be a popular place in Redmond. Fish dishes are featured on the extensive menu, including a namesake dish that’s a whole fish steamed with red chiles and onions. Pickled chiles, pumpkin pancakes, braised pork, and preserved egg (in one dish, included with mortar and pestle-pounded eggplant) are prominent on the menu.



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