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Heidi Lane

Heidi Lane

16828 NE 79th St

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Heidi Lane

I'm Heidi Lane, and it is my life’s purpose to be a healer and support others on their healing journey. As a Reiki Master, I serve others as an energy healer and intuitive. I believe in empowering others and supporting them on their life’s journey. In order to assist others, I tap into my intuition to bring awareness to what it is that needs to be shifted in their life and use Reiki to release stagnant energy and blockages. By providing Reiki energy healing and intuitive guidance, I work to bring clarity, direction, and help my clients move into a place of healing.

I provide private Reiki sessions out of my downtown Redmond treatment space located at Long Hu Acupuncture. I also offer house calls and distance sessions. You can find out more about me and my work, as well as prices, hours, and book a session by visiting heidienergyhealing.com.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of holistic healing which means it works on the whole person. In other words, it promotes balance for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. More specifically, it is a Japanese energy healing modality using a hands-on energy healing technique that is powerful yet gentle. Life force energy is channeled by the Reiki energy healer which then flows through the client’s energy field. In turn, it raises the energetic vibration of the energy field and works on a subatomic level. The body is able to naturally heal itself as the Reiki clears blockages and stagnant energy from the body’s energy centers (chakras).

A Reiki session with a client typically looks like an intuitive counseling session. Think of me as the fog lights on a car cutting through the fog, helping you make connections and gather insight into what it is you need to focus on right now. I hear, see, or feel the information that you are needing to hear. After the session I leave my clients with direction and an idea of what it is they need to work on so that they leave feeling empowered to be an active participant in their healing journey.



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