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Experience Redmond, Washington
Experience Redmond, Washington

HR Kinections

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HR Kinections

8201 164th Ave NE, Suite 200

p: (425) 877-1373

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HR Kinections

Our Vision

A partnership that is recognized for and dedicated to creating smart solutions for the organizations we serve. By providing effective HR management and instilling a world class people culture within our client organizations, we enable our clients to gain a competitive advantage in their industry.

Our Mission

To provide effective Human Resource Management to our clients. We help our clients achieve their business goals by creating smart solutions.

To allow small to mid size businesses to invest their time and energy on strategies that pertain to the service and/or product they are selling.

To continuously develop as individuals and partners.

To recognize our role in the communities in which we exist and are committed to contributing to the success of our communities.


Our Values

Lifetime Learning
We are never satisfied with our achievements but constantly strive for excellence through innovation and learning.

Value to our customers
We deliver to our customers true value through understanding their needs and providing high quality services tailored to those needs.

We share a common belief in family, work, community, and self and strive to keep all in balance. Our work will be accomplished through teamwork and personal commitment to growth of the partnership.

We believe that responsibility for success resides with each of us as individuals. We work together as a team to leverage our individual skills and uniqueness



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