Ichijo Technological Homes

Ichijo Technological Homes

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Ichijo Technological Homes

Ichijo USA Co., Ltd. was founded in 2009 as a subsidiary of Ichijo Koumuten (Ichijo Co., Ltd.), one of Japan’ s largest home builders constructing over 100,000 individual, custom designed homes since 1978. Since its founding, Ichijo has focused on using natural materials and providing a healthy living environment for the customer. In recent years, Ichijo’s latest home model, called i-cube, has become known as number one in performance for “Energy Efficient Homes” among major homebuilders in Japan.

In 1980, Ichijo began creating a facility for production of Japanese traditional post-and-beam houses. Now, our extensive design and production systems also generate state-of-the-art and energy efficient i-cube panels for custom home construction, along with nearly 80% of the entire home, including insulation, windows, doors, cabinets, counters, exterior finish materials, and PV solar systems. These components are all fabricated with care, to an exceptional level of quality, and the entire package is delivered direct to your home site for construction by our very experienced crews (over 100,000 homes so far!)

Ichijo USA is excited to be able to share our years of experience, technology, and craftsmanship with our neighbors around the globe, and we know that sustainable building of energy efficient housing is not just the “next thing” , but the right thing, and eventually, the only way to build for our families. A custom home builder initially in the Seattle area, Ichijo welcomes you to contact us to discuss further locations as we expand.

Ichijo means “One, or first, road” . And that is how we build our homes – and the home for you – one at a time, custom designed to fit your street, your neighborhood, and your needs and tastes.

Our goal is to apply innovative processes to residential building technologies, employ environmentally friendly production methods throughout the home building process, and a utilize a certified quality control system and continuous improvement system to produce the most technologically advanced, environmentally conscious, and healthy homes for our families.



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