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Experience Redmond, Washington

Kringles Bakery

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Kringles Bakery

16727 Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 980452

p: (425) 558-3688

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Kringles Bakery

Offering pickup/local delivery and online ordering/shipping anywhere in the US + gift cards for sale online!

We are a full service bakery with a 1940’s atmosphere.  Our family owns Kringles Bakery and our two daughters Mandy and Jenny are busy at the bakery everyday greeting our customers. Our menu includes fresh breads, rolls, quiche, pies, cakes, and an assortment of pastries. We also offer fresh made soups and our specialty sandwiches: “The Big Cheese” a baked savory version of our Kringle finished with garlic butter, and the House sandwich served on a fresh baked hoagie.

Our staff come in early each morning to bake and fill the case so that you can enjoy and experience fresh baked pastries and breads. We continue to make each recipe from scratch while carefully following our Great Grandmothers’ recipes using real butter, cream and sugar. We donate our products at the end of each day to a nearby non-profit so we can start fresh each day. We actively participate in local community events and enjoy building community spirit!

We are so happy that Kringles Bakery is becoming a gathering place for families and friends. We welcome you to come in and enjoy a simpler time when we took time to talk with friends while enjoying a warm cup of coffee and sweet pastry. We hope you enjoy our favorite recipes as much as we delight in sharing them with you and your family!



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