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Experience Redmond, Washington

Village Square Cafe

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Village Square Cafe

16150 Northeast 85th St #104
Redmond, WA 98052

p: (425) 885-7287

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Village Square Cafe

Out of desire to find a good breakfast spot on the Eastside in the mid 1980’s and finding few choices, Michal & Jo Ann Scott decided to start their own Café and purchased Emmilou’s in Redmond, Washington. It was in the fall of 1986 that the Village Square Café was opened with a 1940’s theme, an expanded menu focused on classic comfort food and a hand-picked staff that understood the art of Café hospitality.

The Village Square Café was followed by the opening of the Issaquah Café (1989), Woodinville Café (1995), Crystal Creek Café (2002), Saw Mill Café (2005), Mukilteo’s Speedway Café (2007) and most recently the Sammamish Café (2011). The Cafés also established a bakery in the Crystal Creek Café that supplies all of the Cafés’ with freshly baked pies, cakes, cinnamon rolls and amazing bran muffins every day. Each store has a culinary team that cooks fresh turkeys, prime rib roasts, and prepares the most delicious scratch soups daily.

We are proud to be the place “Where it is never too late for breakfast” and our tradition of providing delicious food and amazing service continues to be our focus and our passion.



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