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B’s of Redmond: Breweries

Redmond On Tap

Redmond boasts a vibrant and growing beer scene that has captivated the palates of locals and visitors alike. From hoppy IPAs to smooth ciders, the City is home to a diverse array of breweries that cater to every beer enthusiast. Join us on a journey through our community’s flourishing craft beer landscape as we delve into the must-visit spots like Big Block Brewing, Postdoc Brewing, Locust Cider and Brewing, Mac and Jack’s, and for those seeking something a little more active and involved, Flatstick Pub!

A Craft Beer Expedition

Embark on a delightful exploration through Redmond’s breweries where each crafts a distinctive experience. Big Block Brewing, with its automotive-themed ambiance, invites patrons to enjoy a summer-ready outdoor patio. Postdoc Brewing, celebrated for its scientific precision, provides both a sunny outdoor seating area and a welcoming atmosphere for dogs, creating an ideal setting for warm days. Uncover a playful dimension at Flatstick Pub, where tasty beverages intertwine with the excitement of mini golf. Located at Redmond Town Center, Locust Cider and Brewing offers a cider oasis amidst a shopping haven. Meanwhile, near Marymoor Park, Mac and Jack’s beckons with its iconic flavors, encouraging you to check out the natural beauty of the park afterward. Immerse yourself in a diverse beer experience, enhanced by outdoor ambiance, canine companionship, mini-golf entertainment, and shopping delights.

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