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Meetings and Conferences

From workshops to corporate events, Redmond offers locations that will make your business meeting a productive one.

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Our city boasts well-maintained sports fields that cater to a variety of athletic activities, with top-notch options ideal for all types of sports!

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Redmond proudly showcases a splendid selection of indoor and outdoor wedding venues, captivating couples with our diverse and magnificent options.

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Cultural Events

Our city thrives on culture & community, where vibrant people come together, mirrored by events that celebrate this deep cultural connection.

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Redmond Venues

Redmond offers an eclectic collection of event venues to enhance your next group gathering. Browse our special collection to see for yourself!

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Redmond Fields

Surrounded by breathtaking beauty and equipped with top-notch facilities, Redmond’s fields are a haven for sports lovers.

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Tourism Grants

If you’re planning on hosting an event in Redmond, you may be eligible to receive special funding from the City of Redmond!

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Host Your Event In Redmond

Planning to host an event in Redmond, or already considering hosting your event here? Request a quote for more information, and we will connect you to valuable resources.

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