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This logo package is designed to help all professionals involved in the marketing efforts of the Experience Redmond campaign. Included in the downloadable file is the Standards Guide, which should be referred to for instructions on the appropriate and consistent use of the Experience Redmond logo.

Please note:

  • The ANGLED variations of the Experience Redmond logo are reserved for instances where it is necessary to make reference to the web address or to specify an event, activity or attraction. In such cases, you may need permission and even a new version of the logo. For questions or clarifications, please contact Bullseye Creative at (206) 352-6264.

  • The OFFICIAL Experience Redmond logo is the only approved visual image that symbolizes Experience Redmond. It must appear exactly as shown for the application in which it is being used, and care should be taken to ensure high quality reproduction. Logos should never be scanned from other reproductions or downloaded from the web. In printed materials, it is strongly suggested that only the vector EPS of the logo should be used to maintain a high standard of reproduction. The logo must be used as designed and must never be re-drawn, screened, used with different fonts, distorted, stretched or overprinted.

This zip file download contains PNGs as well as JPGs for use in color and black and white documents. Please refer to the Standards Guide for correct usage.

Download the Media Kit Package Download the Media Kit Package