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Geek Out on Shopping Local

Local Shopping Matters

Shopping locally ensures that nearly 70 cents of every dollar remains right here in our local economy. When you shop small, you help to build a better local economy, reduce environmental impact, put your taxes to good use, create more jobs, receive better customer service, and help keep our Redmond community unique and diverse.

Take a break from the kitchen and pair your shopping savors with local flavors. Browse our Shopping page and filter by “Food & Beverage” to find a new Redmond restaurant to try. Don’t know what to get your friend for their birthday? The perfect solution is a Redmond restaurant gift card!


When you shop locally, not only do you discover one-of-a-kind products and handcrafted goods but you also establish meaningful connections with passionate entrepreneurs who take pride in their work. By investing in the local community, you contribute to the growth and prosperity of Redmond, ensuring it remains a welcoming and thriving destination for residents and visitors alike.

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