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Jack Sprat & Pizza Poggio

Jack Sprat & Pizza Poggio

2808 Calder Ave NE on, NE Turing St
Redmond, WA 98052
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About Jack Sprat & Pizza Poggio

Jack Sprat & Pizza Poggio in Redmond is a dynamic culinary duo, offering a diverse range of dining experiences under one roof. Jack Sprat boasts a menu brimming with hearty, farm-to-table fare, highlighting locally sourced ingredients and innovative twists on classic dishes. From savory burgers to fresh salads, each dish is crafted with a commitment to quality and flavor. On the other hand, Pizza Poggio serves up authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas, featuring thin, crispy crusts and toppings bursting with flavor. With its wood-fired oven and artisanal approach, Pizza Poggio transports diners to the streets of Naples with every bite. Together, Jack Sprat & Pizza Poggio create a dining destination where guests can savor the best of both worlds in a welcoming atmosphere that celebrates food, community, and culinary creativity.

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