Kaia FIT Redmond

Kaia FIT Redmond

17969 NE 65th Street
Redmond, WA 98053

p: (425) 698-3105

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Kaia FIT Redmond

Kaia FIT is a fun and effective fitness program designed by women for women. The program focuses on functional intense training, using mostly body weight and movement to get your body to function like it did when you were a kid. Each week includes a variety of different workouts such as interval & cross training (FIT) classes, yoga/pilates (Flow) classes, and local trail runs/walks (Kaia Venture) or indoor power hour classes. Since FIT classes always change you never know if you will be working out individually, with a partner, with a team, FIT testing, exercise games, rotating exercise stations, an obstacle course, or all of the above. Think of Kaia FIT as a team sport. We are not your typical gym. We are not a room full of strangers. Sure, YOU drive to a gym, YOU show up every day and YOU pay for it, but once there you are surrounded by a group of individuals. At Kaia we focus on personal results achieved by working in a team atmosphere. Here, women helping each other accomplish common goals surround you.



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