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Experience Redmond, Washington
Experience Redmond, Washington

NuOz Corporation

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NuOz Corporation

15801 NE 85th Street

p: (206) 415-2500

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NuOz Corporation

Since 1979, NuOz offers best-of-breed technology products and services to its clients.  NuOz delivers outstanding results from the important IT investments.  As a leading provider of professional information technology, we can adeptly harness the right resources to meet specific IT requirements.

Our responsive sales teams, certified engineers and skilled technicians are committed to bringing you an overall superior level of service. NuOz dedication to excellence holds steadfast managing cyber security for large enterprises or configuring and managing large MPLS networks for your multi-location organization or configuring a cloud server or installing cloud phone or office equipment and everything in between.

NuOz provides reliable, efficient and affordable solutions to address your IT needs and challenges in areas including:

  • Cyber Security – Firewall Management

  • Cloud Server Hosting

  • Enterprise Grade Colocation

  • Back-up and Recovery

  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Solutions

  • Compute Purchase Design and Acquisition. Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Firewalls, Switches, Routers and Peripherals.

  •  Broadband Review, Design and Acquisition.

  • MPLS, DSL, EoC, FoC, Cable, T1, OC12

  • Cloud Phone Review, Design and Acquisition.

  • Copiers, multifunction printers, managed print services and support

  • Custom Website Hosting

  • Custom Email Solutions

NuOz continues to expand its scope in order to offer the latest and greatest in today’s business technology.

Teaming with industry leaders like Dell, Dell Sonicwall, HP, Kyocera, F5, Microsoft, Symantec, Storagecraft and many other to address business technology needs of today and tomorrow.



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